Prudence Foundation, , the charity arm of giant Insurance company of international repute Prudential Africa has donated the sum of USD 75 000, approximately FCFA 41 730 million to None Governmental Organizations NGOs, hospitals who are at the front line in the combat towards COVID-19 pandemic.
The official check handing ceremony to « Coeur et vie Foundation » took place during a press conference at Best Western hotel, in the Douala iii subdivision. It was attended by bigwigs of Prudential insurance, representatives of the beneficiary hospital, and the  » Coeur et vie »foundation.
The millions worth covid-19 Relief Fund duly donated n will provide hospital in four regions of Cameroon, Littoral, Center, South west and west with material to frontline workers to effectively manage patients with COVID-19. Moreover, it will also amplify a sensitisation campaign to help curb the spread and raise awareness on the importance of Covid-19 vaccination.
Foundation  » Coeur et Vie’ acting as a bridge between Prudential and the selected health centers in the implementation of Prudence Foundation Covid-19 solidarity actions, was selected due to it’s capacity and reach out to the average number of persons Prudence foundation envisaged for the second phase of the charity program. Coeur et vie, by virtue, will have to provide semester reports on the how the fund have been managed.
Its CEO, Dr Armel Florant, told reporters that,  » the selected hospitals shall be accompanied in the fight againts covid, based on the result of a feasibility study , proving their needs.
According to the Chief Executive officer, CEO of Prudential Beneficial insurance Cameroon, Handsome Brain Nkwenti, the action is part of their company’ssolidarity programme through Prudential Africa’s subsidiary, Prudential Beneficial Insurance Cameroon, which has always stood for a community base approach.
“This initiative demonstrates once again that Prudential remains a company that helps people get the most out of life. While the pandemic is taking place globally, the fight is local and will be won at the community level. Prudential beneficial insurance is committed to helping these local communities effectively fight against the virus . This is why our company, through its foundation, will continue to support the State of Cameroon in the promotion of barrier measures against COVID-19″. he said.
Nkwenti Brain in his address, equally noted that, since the creation of Prudential insurance in the 1880s , the company has always worked towards disaster relief. He was careful to mention their contribution during the two world wars, the Titanic shipwreck, the Spanish flu, amongst others. For the current health disaster covid-19
Over the years, Prudential Beneficial has remained true to its slogan  »We help poeple get the most out of life .It has done so by sponsoring sports activities such as : golf,raceof hope 2021 and 2022 ,the douala marathon the recently concluded AFCON 2021, just to name a few .Health and well being is definitely amongstits top priority  » he added ..

kwenti said, their company has granted full insurance coverage to all its clients who had come in contact with the virus.However he did not rollout the severity of other pandemic such as cholera and revealed that ,prudential is seeking ways to assist the covid inits repost plan against cholera.

he further enjoined the press to serve as heralds of the good news behind health insurance coverages for family members ,children wich spans beyond the life of a parent.

through the donation,prudence fondation hopes to impact appriximately3,5 million people within a period of four months.

About prudential beneficial

prudential is a global financial services group that provides life insurance, pensions and asset management products and services to approximately 20 millions customers in Asia and Africa. prudential offers lifeinsurence in eight countries namely Cameroon,Cote d’ivoire,Ghana,Togo,Kenya,Uganda,Zambia and Nigeria . for almost ten years ,the life insurer has been offering affordable insurance and health solutions. Today ,it serves more than 1,7 million customers through a ditribution networt of more than 13,000 distribution networks of more than 13,000 agents and 600 branches.



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